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Immigration law is the complex defense of human rights and how they intersect with governmental regulations. The American dream is alive and well, but some people have many obstacles between themselves and their ideal life. To overcome those roadblocks, consider enlisting the services of Nassim Arzani, Esq.

People from around the world come to California for its beautiful weather, thriving diversity and bountiful opportunities. Our diverse community has surely benefited from Ms. Arzani’s unparalleled expertise in immigration law for years. To learn how she can address your concerns about deportation, citizenship and obtaining a green card, please contact us online or call (951) 683-0900.

Immigration Law

Obtaining a Green Card

Immigrants who have obtained a Green Card are granted permanent residence in the United States. There are several means of obtaining a green card, including sponsorship through an employer or by a close relative already living in the USA. Displaced people may also acquire permanent residence if the Federal Government has offered them asylum. Permanent Residence is a legal status that comes with many benefits, including a pathway to citizenship. For many immigrants seeking a safe and stable home, obtaining a Green Card is when their American dream can begin in earnest.

Family-Based Immigration

Family immigration law pertains to the bond that unites a legal resident of the United States and a loved one that they want to bring into the country.

The person already living in America is known as the petitioner, since they are actively petitioning for the inclusion of their family member to join them in the country. The individual seeking residency is referred to as the beneficiary.

Family Based Immigration

In order to qualify for a Green Card, the petitioner must be able to prove that she or he can provide enough financial stability to support the beneficiary. Specifically, the petitioner must earn at least 125% of the Poverty Guidelines in their state, as defined by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Active members of the U.S. military only need to show proof that they earn 100% or more of these Poverty Guidelines. If the petitioner is requesting more than one beneficiary to join them in the United States, then the petitioner must add $4,480 for each additional beneficiary.

Adjustment of Status

INA § 245(a) allows those who entered the United States with an inspection to adjust status if they are either an immediate relative or are in one of the family-based preference categories and have always maintained lawful immigration status, including always working with employment authorization. INA § 245(i) allows for the adjustment of those who entered without inspection as long as an approvable petition (I-130, I-360, I-526, or labor certification) was filed on behalf of them on or before April 30, 2001, and they were physically present in the United States on December 21, 2000. This physical presence requirement is waived for those whose petition was filed on or before January 14, 1998, or who are derivative beneficiaries.

The process usually involves acquiring an Employment Authorization Document so an individual is permitted to work legally in the United States. It may also include a travel permit, also known as an “advance parole.”

Consular Processing

If you are seeking permanent residency while living in another nation, you may find the resources you need at your local consulate. Consular processing is the term that describes the procedure in which visa applicants submit paperwork and attend hearings in their origin country.

Consulates may coordinate with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to process the necessary visa packets and ultimately issue a Green Card.


Naturalization Services in Los Angeles

Immigrants become U.S. citizens through a process called naturalization. Individuals seeking citizenship through naturalization must meet a variety of standards in order to be eligible.

How to Qualify for Citizenship

  • Applicants should be a permanent resident of the United States for at least 5 years (3 years if married to U.S. citizen)
  • They should be physically present in the United States for over 50% of the required residency period
  • Members of the military may be exempt from the residency requirement
  • Applicants must be persons of good moral character who have taken an oath of loyalty to the United States
  • Applicants may be required to demonstrate their ability to speak, read and write simple words and phrases in English
  • Aspiring citizens must pass a citizenship test on American History and government

Once naturalized, citizens are able to sponsor their family members in the Green Card process and help them on their own paths toward citizenship.

U.S. Citizenship Through Parents 

In cases of derivative citizenship, an individual obtains citizenship through their parents or grandparents. Cases of derivative citizenship can get complex rather quickly depending on the totality of the circumstances. For instance, people born outside of the U.S. to parents who are both citizens may need to present paperwork to ensure their legal status. When only one of the parents is a citizen, the case can become more complicated. Where and when one was born plays a large role, too.

Military Naturalization 

Military Naturalization

In recognition of their brave and honorable service, members of the U.S. military may be eligible for expedited naturalization. Expedited naturalization is granted to immigrants in the armed forces who have served during a time of hostilities, a time that currently includes all the military campaigns since September 11, 2001. Veterans of World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War may also be eligible.

Cases of military naturalization do not have a residency requirement during wartime, although one must have had “permanent resident” status under a Green Card for at least 3 years. Naturalization through military service during peacetime requires a minimum period of 3 years of permanent residence in the US. The applicant must be physically present in the US for over 50% of the past 3 years.

As in more standard cases of naturalization, aspiring citizens must pass a citizenship test, submit to a background check and demonstrate basic competency in English. Seekers must also submit a Form N-400 Application for Naturalization, as well as forms verifying their military service.

Dual Citizenship

People interested in dual citizenship are citizens of two nations at the same time. The United States does not prohibit its citizens from becoming naturalized citizens of other countries, nor are there requirements to renounce citizenship to another country before being granted U.S. citizenship.

All United States citizens (including dual citizens) must use a U.S. passport to enter and leave the United States. Dual citizens may also be required by the foreign country to use its passport to enter and leave that country. However, dual citizens may travel to and from other countries using either their American or foreign passport.

If you need help navigating the specifics of naturalization, please contact Nassim Arzani, Esq. Ms. Arzani has vast reserves of knowledge in the field of immigration law. She understands the complications and complexities of the naturalization process, even if you have a criminal record.

Deportation & Criminal Offences 

Cases involving possible deportation and/or criminal conviction are most in need of the expert counsel of a skilled and experienced immigration attorney. These complex situations can be challenging to navigate and the stakes could not be higher.

Deportation Defense

You have built a life for yourself and your loved ones. The thought of leaving all that behind can be extremely frightening. Despite how scary deportation can be, we urge you to stay calm and know your rights. Deportation defense is one of Nassim Arzani’s specialties. She can walk you through every possible avenue for relief and she will fight for your right to stay.

Immigration Court 

Legal entanglements are more complicated and more dire when there are immigration issues involved in the case. Apprehended individuals may end up in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If you believe that a loved one is currently being detained by ICE, visit their Online Detainee Locator System to verify your associate’s status. To make sure you have the right representation during the turbulence of arrest or detainment, please call (951) 683-0900.

Release from Deportation

Nassim Arzani, Esq. knows how to fight back against threats of deportation. She has released hundreds of detained immigrants from involuntary removal pursuing sound strategies of legal defense, outlined below.

Legal Defenses Against Deportation

  • Waivers of Inadmissibility and Removal
  • Cancellation of Removal for Permanent Residents
  • Cancellation of Removal for Non-Permanent Residents
  • Suspension of Deportation
  • Adjustment of Status to Permanent Residence
  • Asylum and Withholding of Removal
  • Legalization and Registry
  • Voluntary Departure

Guided by her robust knowledge and aided by a razor sharp acumen, Nassim will learn the specifics or your case to determine your best defense against deportation. The government has experienced lawyers prosecuting immigration cases, so that’s why you need a seasoned professional on your side. Please contact Nassim Arzani, Esq. so that we can strategize a plan together.

Criminal Offences Involving Immigration

When criminal prosecution overlaps with immigration violations, a person may find themselves defending against the coupled consequences of two large and inscrutable systems. There are uniquely difficult pitfalls in “crime immigration court.”

Only those experienced in the eccentricities that exist at the junction of criminal and immigration law have the best chance of avoiding them.

Those entangled in immigration cases involving criminal conduct may be surprised to discover that there is no statute of limitations in removal proceedings, as there are in the criminal justice system. This means that even offenses that occurred many, many years ago can be used against an individual in immigration court. Other crimes may be classified differently in an immigration context. Conduct that does not count as a conviction for criminal purposes may still be considered as a conviction in immigration court.

Unfortunately, all of this adds up to an increased likelihood of deportation.

Victims of Crime

You should never have to choose between safety and stability. Many individuals endure hardships in fear of seeking legal help because of their immigration status. If you are surviving physical or mental abuse at the hands of your domestic partner, there is help.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) 

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) protects victims of crime by providing a pathway to permanent legal residency. Individuals who have experienced – or are currently experiencing – battery at the hands of their spouse can self-petition for a Green Card.

U Visa Application

Victims of certain crimes may qualify for a U visa. If granted, U visa recipients can establish work authorization and may secure benefits for family members. The U visa program may

provide lawful residency for up to four years, with the eligibility to apply for lawful permanent resident status after three years.

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The exact cost of immigration law services depends on several factors. The duration of your case, the legal complexities of your visa process, and the number of hearings you require all contribute to the final fee. Nassim Arzani, Esq. provides open and honest pricing to take the guesswork out of legal representation. Click on our client resources link to fill out your intake paperwork and empower your future.


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