Criminal Offences Involving Immigration

Criminal Offences Involving Immigration

When criminal prosecution overlaps with immigration violations, a person may find themselves defending against the coupled consequences of two large and inscrutable systems. There are uniquely difficult pitfalls in “crimimmigration court.” Only those experienced in the eccentricities that exist at the junction of criminal and immigration law have the best chance of avoiding them.    

Those entangled in immigration cases involving criminal conduct may be surprised to discover that there is no statute of limitations in removal proceedings, as there are in the criminal justice system. This means that even offenses that occurred many, many years ago can be used against an individual in immigration court. Other crimes may be classified differently in an immigration context. Conduct that does not count as a conviction for criminal purposes may still be considered as a conviction in immigration court. 

Unfortunately, all of this adds up to an increased likelihood of deportation. 

Criminal Conduct Complicates Immigration Cases

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