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When Can I Apply For Naturalization?

You may apply for Naturalization when you meet all the requirements for U.S. citizenship. 

At American Law Center, we help you determine whether you are eligible for Naturalization, especially if you have a criminal record or have previously been in removal proceedings.

Derivative Citizenship

Under certain circumstances, a child born outside the U.S. may become a U.S. citizen as a matter of law by virtue of his parent(s)’s birth in the U.S. or naturalization. These cases are extremely complex and fact-specific, but our office can help you determine your eligibility for this relief during our consultation.

Our Record On Naturalization Cases

Our office has successfully litigated numerous derivative citizenship cases. Prior to retaining our firm, these individuals thought they had no relief to remain in the United States due to their convictions for aggravated felony. Their families had consulted with numerous immigration attorneys who failed to delve into the clients family history in order to avail them of this relief.