Obtaining a Green Card

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Obtaining a Green Card

Immigrants who have obtained a Green Card are granted permanent residence in the United States. There are several means of obtaining a green card, including sponsorship through an employer or by a close relative already living in the USA. Displaced people may also acquire permanent residence if the Federal Government has offered them asylum. 

Permanent Residence is a legal status that comes with many benefits, including a pathway to citizenship. For many immigrants seeking a safe and stable home, obtaining a Green Card is when their American dream can begin in earnest. 

Achieve Permanent Resident Status

Nassim Arzani, Esq. has years of experience in immigration cases. She knows how to help individuals and families achieve the legal status they need to work and move freely about the United State without fear of being detained. To learn how Nassim can assist you in obtaining a green card, please contact us online or call (951) 683-0900.