DEPORTATION WIN (LPR With At Least Four Criminal Convictions)

Our client, a citizen and national of El Salvador, obtained his lawful permanent status on October 29, 1990. Since then he had four convictions for Petty Theft. In 1998, he was convicted of PC 666 Petty Theft with a Prior, a Felony, sentenced to 120 days plus probation. In 1998, he violated his probation by moving to Seattle. In 2008, he filed an application to renew his lawful permanent resident card. The card was mailed to his home, however he was advised by immigration that he had an open case in San Bernardino that he needed to resolve. He flew to California to take care of the warrant he had for violating his probation. The Criminal Judge in San Bernardino County sentenced him to six months for violating his probation in 1998.

After he served his time, he was placed in Immigration custody. The Client’s family immediately contacted our office, and we filed a Motion for Bond Hearing but the Immigration Judge found that the Respondent was subject to Mandatory Detention. A Merits date was set and we filed for relief under Cancellation of Removal for certain permanent residence. His family flew in to testify on his behalf. At the time of hearing, Respondent was questioned about the circumstances which gave rise to his convictions.

Looking at his criminal record, one would not be able to tell what an outstanding citizen this man is to our community. Surely he made his mistakes, but given the circumstances he was placed in, he did the best he could. This Respondent was a single father raising three young boys without the help of their mother, the youngest being two. Their mother abandoned them at a young age and this father raised these boys the best he possibly could given the circumstance he was in. In 1998, the Respondent was convicted of PC 666 and was placed on probation. Shortly after his release, his motor home was burned and his family lost what little they had. At that point he decided he wanted to change his life around. He did not want his sons to grow up in a corrupt neighborhood. He wanted to start a new life for himself and his family. He got a car and drove his family to Seattle. After he settled in Seattle he made sure to enroll his children in school with the help of a local Pastor.

His three sons are prime examples of what happens when a father places his past behind him, learns from his mistakes and makes sure that his children do not follow his footsteps. All of his boys graduated from high school and enrolled in college. One of his sons graduated from Police Academy and is currently a Correctional Officer. After high school, two of his sons went to Mexico as Missionaries. From the time Respondent moved to Seattle, he has been actively involved with the Church. Every week, he commits himself to doing a random act of kindness, whether it be going to a local park and feeding the homeless or taking clothes to the underprivileged.. He has always made an effort to give back to society. This noble man is a prime example of what it means to rehabilitate! He is no longer the same person he used to be. After hearing everyone’s testimony, the Immigration Judge granted the relief. The Government waived appeal. Respondent was released and now resides with his three sons in Seattle.