VAWA VICTORY (Abused spouse with no documentary evidence to substantiate the abuse)

Respondent is a native and citizen of Mexico who entered the United States in 1975. She was married to her abusive spouse in 1991. In 2011, Respondent divorced her abusive spouse. Respondent always lived illegally in the United States. Although Respondent married a United States Citizen, her husband never filed any petition to legalize her status and often times threatened to have her deported anytime she mentioned it.

Respondent came to our office with a dire need for help since she had recently left her husband, was homeless, and did not have access to any documents evidencing her abuse throughout the course of her marriage. Respondent was married to a high profile gang leader with such influence that our office was unable to obtain any documentary evidence pertaining to the numerous reported incidents of abuse to her children and herself.

Respondent was only able to provide us with a child custody order, one dated domestic violence conviction, and a psychological evaluation from one of her children, but no other documents to support the abuse. Our office helped Respondent collect documents to prove she married the abuser, there was a valid marriage, in addition to establishing the abusers legal status in the U.S.

Due to our tireless efforts, we were able to trace the abuse and obtain detailed declarations from all of Respondent’s family members who witnessed the abuse throughout the years.

After receiving a flood of Requests for Evidences from the Vermont Service Center, our client’s VAWA petition was approved in September 2012. Respondent remains homeless, however, she no longer fears deportation and is working on establishing her new life with her new identity.

Respondent also had a misrepresentation issue with her case. She had made an attempted entry to the United States with the use of another person’s Lawful Permanent Residency card. We only became aware of this on the day of her adjustment interview. Our office immediately submitted a waiver which got approved on January 09, 2014. Respondent is now a Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States.

Our office has a 100% success rate with VAWA cases, yet this case proved to be in a class of its own due to her husband’s overreaching influence with various agencies and departments.